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GOOD LUCK Y11 & Y13!

If you currently attend another School and have applied for our Sixth Form,
you can find out about our enrolment process in the GCSE letter below

Wishing all Y11 and Y13 students in the local area
the very best of luck with their results this summer

Congratulations Mr Fulbrook

Shortlisted for the TES Headteacher of the year award

Congratulations to our amazing Mr Fulbrook!

Coronavirus Symptoms

High temperature
New, continuous cough
Loss or change to your sense of smell or taste


The NHS COVID-19 test and trace app is available if you are aged 16+

Please let us know the test result as soon as possible by calling 01205 310505 (during School hours) or 07341 738686 (evenings and weekends)

If you or anyone in your household have any of the following COVID-19 symptoms you MUST all stay at home and arrange the necessary tests

If you or anyone in your household have any of the following COVID-19 symptoms
you MUST all stay at home and arrange the necessary tests

Y5 Open Event Live

Online registration for the 11+
Interviews with our students
Subject presentations
Presentation from our Head of KS3/KS4
11+ information



Exam Results 2020

Our congratulations and best wishes to all our students

2020 A-Level & GCSE Results at Boston High


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Ofsted Report

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"We are delighted with the outcomes from our recent Ofsted inspection, our overall effectiveness remains graded as good. We are especially pleased with the ‘OUTSTANDING’ judgements."

Mr A Fulbrook

Y5 STEM Day at Boston High School 2020

"The girls enjoyed their day and it has given them a great insight to the potential secondary school life and given them the aspiration to pass their 11+ in order to be able to go the High School"

Y5 STEM Day 2018

Y5 STEM Day at Boston High School 2020

"The day was well thought out, with lots of opportunities to promote independent thinking and teamwork. The organisation was good, including transport, food, teaching sessions and support from the BHS students"

"The year 7 students were exemplary and were great at questioning the girls to think broadly about their choices. The activities themselves were inspiring and provided opportunities for the girls to challenge one another"

"The children came back excited and happy and were keen to tell the other children what they had done, and how they had approached each of the challenges"

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Welcome to Boston High School

I should like to welcome you to our website and to Boston High School; hopefully, these pages will help you learn a little more about our school, what we believe in and, most importantly, how we deliver for our learning community.

Firstly, I should like to take a moment to explain our Ethos and our Values.

Our overarching School Ethos defines our character and our culture and is encapsulated in our School Ethos Statement:

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This statement is not complex, it simply means that, as a school, we believe in:

Leading, as individuals and as a community, towards achieving our Learning ambitions whilst supporting one another Together.

For me, as Headteacher, within this ethos, ‘Togetherness’ is the really crucial element of school life; it is the bedrock of our school.

Our overarching School Values Statement is defined as our School CODE. Our values are our principles, they are our judgements of what is important in the life of our school. Our values permeate through all we do…

We have designed our School Values CODE Statement in order to help define how we go about achieving our Ethos. We are a ‘values-based’ school, within which we believe in aspiration, fairness, equality, the rule of law, respect, tolerance, justice, care and courtesy, all of which are interwoven within our CODE.

Commitment   Opportunity   Discipline   Excellence

Commitment; towards our school, our ambitions, our achievement, our progress, our development, our learning, to safety, to each other and our duties, and our broader commitment to local, national and global communities.
Opportunity; a determination to take advantage of opportunities in life; to be the best we can be and to contribute to our community.
Discipline; a recognition that a disciplined and focused attitude is essential in order to achieve our best and to give of our best to others and situations.
Excellence; a determination to achieve to our highest possible standards and contribute to our society.

For 11-16-year olds, we are a selective Girls Grammar School. For 16-18-year olds, we are a mixed Sixth Form with a comprehensive intake.

At Boston High School we are determined to do all that we can to help our students develop and achieve to their potential in every way possible. We aim to provide a solid foundation for a safe, healthy, happy, responsible, productive and fulfilled life.

Boston High School is a school which is proud of the fact that it provides an environment which nurtures and values young people, enabling them to grow into confident, successful adults and educated citizens, helping them to develop their Cultural Capital and engender an appreciation of human creativity and achievement.

We aim to equip our students with the experiences, skills and self-esteem to decide on what their future can be – and to gain the qualifications which will set them onto that path. Our students blossom here – they are articulate, focused and determined individuals and we provide an environment which encourages and stimulates individuality and intellectual curiosity. These ambitions underpin our curriculum.

Our Curriculum Intent, Implementation and subsequent Impact are rooted in the desire to instil a Love of Learning, create Lifelong Opportunities, instil a sense of Respect and develop our learners’ Resilience.

Our academic curriculum is based on the delivery of the National Curriculum and is designed to meet our learners needs. As such it:

  • Is broad and balanced; and allows for specialism and options in Key stage 4 and 5.
  • Promotes social, moral, spiritual, cultural (SMSC) and physical, social, health and economic development (PSHE through Enrichment) of our learners.
  • Prepares our learners for opportunities and responsibilities in later life.
  • Provides learners with the essential knowledge that they will need to be educated citizens
  • Provides extensive development pathways Beyond the Curriculum; through sports, art, cultural, scientific, musical, engineering, careers, vocational, literary, numerical, drama, dance clubs and activities; and, of course, trips and residential opportunities and experiences.

Furthermore, it is important for parents and learners to know that, in order to achieve these aims, we seek to continually develop as teachers. As a school; we are constantly reviewing and developing delivery, teaching methodologies and pedagogy to ensure our curriculum delivery meets needs. We are a reflective, learning community for all.

Qualifications are a passport to our students’ on-going success and the results gained by our students are fantastic – at A Level and GCSE our results are consistently impressive, allowing students to open doors to opportunities and to aspire to whatever they decide to dream of. We do all that we can to ensure students achieve to the best of their academic ability and beyond. Learners at Boston High School, quite rightly, are very proud of their academic success. Of course, this ‘exam currency’ is essential but it is not an end product. We must always keep our eye on the ‘Big Picture’; at Boston High School we strive to prepare students for the challenges and joys that come with a fulfilled and happy life, both here and beyond.

We encourage hard work, participation, self-challenge and academic aspiration. Our students rise to the challenge and are proactive, forward thinking and community spirited. Opportunities for leadership and individual development are offered throughout the school as we seek to support as well as develop students. Our sixth form leadership team, prefects and students set a high standard as role models for the rest of the school and we are proud of the spirit of collaboration and care which is apparent from the moment one steps into the school.

One of the cornerstones of our school is the feeling of togetherness, community and support. We welcome visitors and encourage prospective parents and students to contact us, to meet our students – who are our best ambassadors - and to experience the school for themselves.

We welcome you to our website and to our school and encourage you, if at all possible, to visit and learn more about our unique learning community here at Boston High School.

Welcome to our school,

Mr Andrew Fulbrook, Headteacher