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The Russell Group of leading universities has produced a film and document urging students to think about how their A-level or equivalent subject choices can widen or limit the degree courses and careers that are open to them. Both can be found below.


Click here to view the informed choices document on the Russell Group website



Universities that are Part of the Russell Group

Russell Group Website - http://www.russellgroup.ac.uk


- University of Birmingham
- University of Bristol
- University of Cambridge
- Cardiff University
- Durham University
- University of Edinburgh
- University of Exeter
- University of Glasgow
- Imperial College London
- King’s College London
- University of Leeds
- University of Liverpool
- London school of Economics and Political science
- University of Manchester
- Newcastle University
- University of Nottingham
- University of Oxford
- Queen Mary, University of London
- Queen’s University Belfast
- University of Sheffield
- University of Southampton
- University College London
- University of Warwick
- University of York