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In the Sixth Form at BHS, we utilise the work of Steve Oakes and Martin Griffin in 2012, who are both teachers with over 40 years’ experience, from extensive research and ideas, with our Sixth Form students. VESPA draws extensively on academic research and classroom experience to develop a system that supports student learning, helping every learner become the best they can be.

VESPA draws together current thinking from psychology, business and sport to inspire, motivate and support students ensuring they achieve their full potential. It aims to cut through the noise surrounding character development to discover common behaviours and characteristics that all students need to be successful. It aims to focus attention and help students manage their workload through their A Levels, maintaining perspective of what is wanted at the end of the 2 years.

The 5 ideas of VESPA are:

VISION The degree to which a student knows what they want to achieve

EFFORT The number of hours proactive independent study a student is willing to do

SYSTEMS The level to which the student organises their learning resources

PRACTICE The level to which a student commits to practising and developing their skills

ATTITUDE The way a student responds constructively to setbacks

We have utilised these 5 concepts in our everyday occurrences at school including in lessons, assemblies, form time activities and coaching meetings.

Download   Introducing VESPA

Download   VESPA Diagram

Download   VESPA BHS Strategy

Download   VESPA Tutor Time Activities: Year 12

Download   VESPA Tutor Time Activities: Year 13