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Senior Leadership Team

  Area of Responsibility Subject Area
Mr A J Fulbrook Headteacher Design Technology
Mrs A Franks Deputy Headteacher (Pastoral) Psychology
Mrs T A Robinson Deputy Headteacher (Curriculum) Maths
Mrs K Farley Assistant Headteacher (Curriculum) Science
Mrs A Gilton Assistant Headteacher (Pastoral) Performing Arts
Mr W Gosling Finance & HR Director  

Heads of Key Stage & SENCO

  Area of Responsibility Subject Area
Mrs E Whitton Director of Key Stage 3 Design Technology
Mrs V Turner Director of Key Stage 4 PE
Mrs J Wise Director of Key Stage 5 Business Studies
Mrs K Osborn SENCO Health & Social Care

Teaching Staff

  Area of Responsibility Subject Area
Mrs S Akhtar   Business Studies
Mr R Basesi   Physics
Mrs A Bell Head of Department
Director of Community and Challenge Projects
Mrs J Biggar Head of Department History
Mr M Blackham Second in Maths Maths
Mrs N Brennan Head of Department PE
Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme
Mrs J Carter Head of Department Government & Politics
Mrs C Chapman   Chemistry
Mrs A Collingwood Head of Department Geography
Mrs N Connor Head of Department Sociology
Mr L Dales Head of Department Chemistry
Mr T Dench   English
Ms L Dodsworth   Science
Miss L Fuller   Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs S Gaish Head of Department
Science Co-Ordinator
Mr K Joyce Head of Department Maths
Miss R Kirk Head of Department Philosophy, Religion and Ethics
Mrs S Leake Head of Department Music
Mrs A Lewinton   Psychology
Mrs S Macdonald   English
Mrs C Manson Head of Department Psychology
Mrs C Murphy   Design Technology
Mr M Nodding Head of Department Computing
Mrs K Osborn SENCO
Head of Department
Health & Social Care
Mrs J Pattinson Literacy Co-ordinator English
Mrs L Pepperdine   Science
Mr D Rowlett   History
Mr P Servonat-Blanc   Modern Foreign Languages
Ms R Shaw-West Head of Department Physics
Mr M Smith Head of Department Enrichment and Careers
Mrs R Stamp   Art
Mr H Stroud   Geography
Mr A Swan Head of Department Media Studies
Mrs V Turner Director of Key Stage 4 PE
Mrs D Underhill   Maths
Miss C Vaughan Head of Department Modern Foreign Languages
Miss L Volley Head of Department Art
Mrs C Whatton   English
Miss E Whitton Head of Department
Director of Key Stage 3
Design Technology
Mrs J Wise Head of Department
Director of Key Stage 5
Business Studies

Support Staff

  Job Title  
Mrs A Abbott Cleaner  
Mrs D Ashton Sixth Form Officer  
Mrs K Baxter Office Administrator  
Mrs C Bedford Art Technician
Catering Assistant
Mrs Z Bedford Midday Supervisor  
Mrs D Bils Pastoral Support Office (KS4)  
Mr R Blake Senior Science Technician  
Mr L Brammer Cover Supervisor
Cover Assistant
Ms C Bennett School First Aider  
Mr J Carpenter Midday Supervisor  
Mr C Collins Midday Supervisor  
Mrs D Dickinson Food Technician  
Mrs M Dutton Learning Mentor  
Mrs H Ellis SEND 1:1 Teaching Assistant  
Miss K Ellis Admissions, Marketing & PR Officer
Music Technician
Mrs M Everard Clerk to Governors  
Mrs M Eyes Cleaner  
Mrs E Fyson Learning Mentor - English
EAL Co-ordinator
Mr K Gaish IT Technician  
Mrs A Gilhespy Learning Mentor - Mathematics  
Mr W Gosling Finance and Human Resources Director  
Mr C Graves SEND 1:1 Teaching Assistant  
Mrs K Graves Pastoral Support Officer - KS3  
Mrs S Hawken Careers Officer  
Mrs R Ironmonger SLT Admin Assistant  
Mrs S Kerbey Cover Supervisor  
Mrs S Lafferty Family Support Officer  
Mrs P Malkinson Finance Assistant  
Mrs K McKeating Finance Assistant  
Mrs P Middleton Midday Supervisor  
Mrs P Mitchell SEN Administrator / Student Mentor  
Mrs M Mulliss SEND 1:1 Teaching Assistant  
Mr J Napier Technology Technician  
Mr C Needham Caretaker / Groundsman  
Mrs S Newman Midday Supervisor  
Mr A Pacey IT Manager  
Mrs K Pittam Sixth Form Pastoral Officer  
Mrs A Prescott
Mrs L Puckering Librarian  
Miss L Revell Cleaner  
Mrs M Rogan Cleaner  
Mrs N Richardson Reprographics  
Mrs A Simmonds School Counsellor  
Mr J Smith Science Technician  
Ms V Smith Catering Manager  
Mrs N Swain HR/Administrative Assistant  
Ms M Taylor Office Manager / Receptionist  
Mrs A Thomas Exams and Assessment Administrator  
Miss G Thorpe Catering Assistant  
Mr C Tory Site Manager  
Mrs D Ujma Cleaner  
Mrs G Warner Exams Officer  
Mrs C Westwell Office Administrator  
Mrs S White Senior Catering Assistant  
Mrs S Williams Midday Supervisor
Miss K Wyles SEND 1:1 Teaching Assistant