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  • This year has been a progressing and successful year for school council, having again taken part in the annual "Make Your Mark" ballot for the UK Youth Parliament, supported many charities, and brought in positve changes to the school environment.

This year the School Council will meet at lunch time every Friday. One meeting is a formal event and the subsequent is when the working parties meet. This year we are going to build upon the success of our working parties. Each group has a senior Leader and a Junior Leader ensuring that all year groups can have their voice heard. This year we have 5 groups: Site and Eco, Fundraising (Mermaid Fund), Communication and Promotion group, The Big Project Group, Charity Fund Raising (External). This should enable all parts of the School Council’s growing remit to function well and be successful.

The School Council plays a vital role in the school community of students, staff, parents and governors. From fundraising for the school’s Mermaid Fund to pay for all the things that the normal budget can’t, to working behind the scenes improving the school’s environment, to co-ordinating charitable events, to seeking out student voice through questionnaires – the volunteers on the School Council work hard for all. Courtney Venables is leading the School Council this year and as always the School Council is always happy to listen to your suggestions and take them forward. You can either talk to them direct or email them through the email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Or follow us on Twitter: @BostonHigh_SC


Communicating to the school about anything to do with the school council via form PowerPoints, posters etc., and updating the school website.

    • Helping to communicate with YOU!
    • Tayma and the Sudan project
    • Kieshia and Charlie’s Christmas project-selling Christmas post cards to raise money for Ms Ashling’s chosen charity

The Big Project

Working on small projects around school, and raising money if required.
Acting on ideas that pupils suggest

  • Working to bring in equipment eg skipping ropes etc. For younger years in spring/summer
  • Raising money for the art quad project.


Arranging events to raise money for both big and local charities and any specially requested by pupils/staff.

  • Alzheimer’s Society: Thank you for raising money through the non-uniform day before half term and to those of you who took part in the memory walk during the lunch hour.
  • We raised a total of £664.23


Arranging events like the Bazaar and the Hallowe’en Party to raise money for the Mermaid Fund (and the Welfare Fund)

  • A Hallowe’en Party was held before half term for the Year 7 and 8s.
  • A total of £215.33  was raised for the Mermaid Fund.

Site and Eco

Making gradually effective changes to school facilities etc. to make the school more eco-friendly

  • Changes in the Canteen
  • Food containers-we are currently in the process of minimising the use of plastic and finishing the use of polystyrene in the Canteen.
  • From January, food starch trays will be used for any food being taken away. Although they are made using easily sustainable materials, it is better if they are not used at all as without using an industrial composting facility, they cannot be composted. With regard to disposable cutlery, we are looking at wooden products as they can be composted.