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Pupil Premium funding is a “ring fenced” amount of money devolved to School to be designated in supporting those students eligible for Free School Meals (FSM) or who have been eligible in the last six years; registered as ‘Looked After’ continually for more than six months, or who have parents who are currently or have been in the in the Military Services in the last four years.

At Boston High School we utilise this funding in a number of ways to allow those pupils who fall into the above categories to have the same life chances as any one of their peers. The funding is used to remove any barriers these pupils may face with their learning, but also to enable them to attend extracurricular activities and educational visits they would otherwise be unable to access. We believe that every student in our school community should have the same opportunities to succeed in life and this funding is one element of this journey to success.


Pupil Premium Award 2016

Boston High school was awarded a Key Stage 4 Pupil Premium Award by the Department of Education to recognise the attainment and value added progress of our disadvantaged pupils from 2012-2015. We are justifiably proud of this recognition. We were the only school in Lincolnshire to achieve this award for Key Stage 4.


How do we spend this money?

Current Academic Year (2023-24)

For a plan detailing how we plan to spend our Pupil Premium allocation this year, please read the document below.

Download   Boston High School Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 2023-24


Last Academic Year (2022-23)

Funding was utilised to provide one to one and small group intervention with designated mentors in Mathematics and English for any students who were falling behind or who had been identified as under-achieving. A proportion of these had been identified as Pupil Premium students. Mentors were directed by the Subject Leaders for these departments to specifically focus on the individual student’s needs. They worked with all students in Years 7 to Year 11. The mentors were also able to offer supplementary extra-curricular support as well as timetabled provision. At key points in school life, such as transition into KS3 and 4 these mentors will also support a smooth transition from primary to secondary school and to GCSE study.

We were also able to fund from the Pupil Premium funding learning materials for individual students. This included Art equipment, revision guides, SEN resources and extra-curricular activities.

We were very conscious that not all students were able to access educational visits due to their cost. Those students who attracted Pupil Premium funding were supported with the costs of those Educational Visits which enhanced their educational experience but also where attendance on these visits impacted positively on their learning and progress once back in school.

Students who attracted Pupil Premium funding also requested help with funding towards instrumental music lessons which are delivered by peripatetic teachers from the County Music Service.

Funding was also used for:

    • Staff CPD training on metacognition and retrieval strategies, to boost all student’s quality of learning using high quality research-based teaching and learning evidence by EEF
    • Research based Staff CPD on ‘Embedding Formative Assessment’, also utilising DfE Accelerator Grant funding
    • Easter revision sessions
    • school lunches where appropriate
    • curriculum materials and equipment
    • EAL tuition
    • Sport activities
    • DoE clothing and participation, for PP students
    • Summer school for incoming Y6
    • ICT hardware
    • transport for LAC pupils
    • Trips to boost social and mental wellbeing after Covid
    • Core subjects ‘School Led Tuition’ programme for priority students

Whilst Pupil Premium money was paid to the school for individual circumstances, Boston High school looks to spend such funds in ways which will support the majority of Pupil Premium pupils to enable them to ensure their academic and personal progress is in line with their peers. Parents/ Carers may also make requests for individuals pupils to have funding spent in specific ways e.g. educational visits but this cannot always be granted.