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When can I use the Library?

Opening times will be Monday to Friday 8.30am – 4.00pm, open all day including break and lunch.
Sixth Formers are free to use the library for quiet reading. If a class has been booked in, you will not be able to study here during that time.

What does the Library have to offer me?

The Library is a service, not just a place to be. You can use the Library to read, browse, quietly discuss books, read newspapers, or look at careers information.

Facilities include:

  • Great reads for your leisure time, from Year 7 to young adult
  • Advanced readers for senior students
  • Librarian assistance if required
  • BHS Online Library, available from any computer in school
  • Newspapers
  • Quick readsm short stories, manga and graphic novels


BHS Online Library

All students can check their own accounts, when resources are due back, write book reviews, look at the top ten reads, what others are reading, new books in the library, reserve resources to borrow and search the library stock from any computer in the school.

Use the portal on the School website -> Reading Cloud

Click login on the homescreen and enter your School e-mail address and School password


How do I borrow books?

Borrowing books could not be easier. We have an automated system called Eclipse, and this will allow you to borrow up to 5 resources for 4 weeks.
Please note the following:

  1. All books must be issued through the computer by the Librarian on duty, or complete an issue slip.

  2. Please return all books to the return's bin in the library, do not put them on the shelves.

  3. If you are sent a reminder to return you books, please act on this immediately.


What are the Library rules?

  1. Do not eat or drink, except for bottled water

  2. Treat books and furniture with respect

  3. Do not use tippex or ink pens

  4. A quiet atmosphere must be maintained

  5. Please keep shelves tidy and put books back in alphabetical order

  6. Use of mobile phones not allowed

  7. No wet bags or coats


Useful reading websites - or find your next read



Mrs L Puckering
School Librarian