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Click here to login to ParentMail +Pay


Problems Logging In?

If you have already created a ParentMail account, but have forgotton your password, then please visit http://pmx.parentmail.co.uk/ and then click on the 'Forgoten your password?' link underneath the login form. This will allow you to reset your password.


How do I register?

You can register very quickly and easily! All we need to do is send you a registration e-mail or text. We do this when your son/daughter first joins the school. If you didn't register at that time, then let us know and we can send you another one. Then you just follow the details in the e-mail to get yourself registered.


Can more than one parent register?

Yes! We will send a registration e-mail or text to all parents we hold details for.


What if I have more than one child at Boston High School?

No problem! All of your children will appear on the same account!


Where can I find more help?

There is an extensive user guide which can be found by clicking the 'help' button found within ParentMail, or directly by clicking here.