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Multifactor authentication (MFA) adds an extra layer of security to your School account, by requiring you to confirm it is YOU logging on, once you have entered your correct password.

It does this by sending a notification to an app (Microsoft Authenticator) on your phone, and asks you to 'match' the number displayed on the logon screen to the one on your phone app.

This means a 'hacker' is then unable to access your account, even if your password has been compromised. This helps to safeguard your personal information and our academic data from unauthorised access, reducing the risk of identity theft, malware, ransomware and other security threats. 

You will not receive MFA authentications when you are connected to our secure network (either using a School computer or your own device connected to our secure Wi-Fi), but you will receive them once every 14 days when away from our network.

MFA is mandatory for all students and staff at Boston High School.

It's important to pay attention to when you receive an authorisation notification in the Authenticator app. If you haven't attempted to log on to your account but have received a notification in the Authenticator app, you should deny the authorisation and report to the IT department as soon as possible

You can enrol your account for MFA using the link and instructions below.

Please ensure you have read and understood the instructions in their entirety before attempting to enrol!



You will require the Microsoft Authenticator app to be installed on your smartphone. This can be installed using the links below. Be careful if you are searching for the app directly in the app store, as there are many authenticator apps available. The official Microsoft Authenticator app has a logo like this....

  auth icon

Click here to install the Apple iOS app

Click here to install the Android app


Once you have installed the Microsoft Authenticator app, open the app and tap 'OK' to agree to the data privacy warning.

Then click 'skip' when asked to add an account.
You can now close the app.


Click on the link below from your smartphone to enrol your account for MFA, following the instructions underneath.


Click here to enrol your account for MFA (after reading the instructions below!)



1. At the sign in prompt, type in YOUR school e-mail address and tap 'Next'



 2. Type in your School password, and tap 'Sign in'



 3. When asked to stay signed in, tap 'No'



4. You will be prompted for 'more information required' - tap 'Next'




5. You will be prompted to download the Microsoft Authenticator app. You should have already done this, so you can tap 'Next'



6. When you see the screen above, tap the blue text 'Pair your account to the app by clicking this link'



7. Your phone will open the Microsoft Authenticator app, and add the account. You should see 'account added successfully' at the bottom of the screen and you'll see your Boston High School account showing in the list.



8. You now need to go back to your browser app and to the screen above. Tap 'Next'



9. Multifactor authentication will now be tested. You'll see a notification from the Microsoft Authenticator app at the top of your screen, and a number at the bottom. Remember the number and then tap the notification at the top of the screen. If the notification has already disappeared, swipe down to see it again or just open the Microsoft Authenticator app



10. The Microsoft Authenticator app will open and it will first ask you to unlock it using your fingerprint, face ID, PIN or unlock code (depending on what is set up on your phone)
You'll then see the screen above. Remembering the number from the previous step, either type this in or tap it from the ones displayed (depending on your device).
If you can't remember the number, tap 'I can't see the number' and the Microsoft Authenticator screen will hide for a few seconds for you to see the number.
Click 'YES' to confirm you sign in, again you will be asked to verify using your fingerpint, face ID, PIN or unlock code (depending on what is set up on your phone)



11. The notification has been successfully approved. Tap 'next'



 12. All done! Tap 'Done'