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Access to Reception

In accordance with OFSTED safeguarding requirements, all visitors to the school (including parents) will be required to wait in the area outside of reception behind the locked doors and use the telephone provided to identify themselves to our receptionist. Once identity has been confirmed, the doors will be opened and entry to the school allowed.

Drop-Off and Pick-Up System

We operate a strict student 'drop-off' and 'pick-up' system - which keeps traffic in pedestrian areas of our site to an absolute minimum. If your children travel to school by car, you must ensure that whoever is driving them complies with the arrangements outlined below. We do carry out “spot checks” on a regular basis at both the start and end of the school day. Please be reassured this is to ensure the safety of your children.

System for Student Drop Off at the Start of Each Day

  • The first car park on the right hand side of the drive as you enter Boston High School is designated as a pick up and drop off point.
  • In the morning, students should be dropped off in this designated area and then walk along the footpath at the side of the Maths Block and into school.
  • Please note that, in the morning, there will be no facility for vehicles to park and wait in this area.
  • We expect that vehicles will stop, students will be swiftly dropped off, and vehicles will move on quickly.
  • We expect that drivers will be patient whilst waiting their turn to drop off in this area and those vehicles will flow through this area in single file.
  • There are traffic flow systems in place and suitable signage to help manage this flow of traffic.
  • Please note that there is a strict 5MPH speed limit on our site.

System for Student Pick Up at the End of Each Day

  • If you intend to pick up at the end of the day, you are permitted to park in this area after 3pm if a space is available. Students will walk to this car park to be picked up.
  • If there are no spaces available, you MUST NOT drive around to the front of the school, and you MUST NOT block traffic by waiting in the roadway. Therefore, if you are unable to park in this area, you will need to leave the site.
  • We recognise that it is likely to be busy at this pick up time; therefore, and in an attempt to ease congestion, we will allow you to pick up from this car park AND the front of the school after 4.00pm (at this time our buses have left the site).
  • Repeat: Please note that there is a strict 5MPH speed limit on our site

Other Important Points

  • Any pupil with a physical disability, either of a permanent or temporary nature, must collect an access pass from Mrs Osborn to validate access to the front of the school. The pass is to be handed in at the end of the duration of need.
  • From 9.00am until 3pm the pick-up/drop-off area will be designated as a car park for parents and visitors only NOT SIXTH FORM STUDENTS. Clearly, this means that if you want to get into school early to pick up, you are entitled to do so.
  • If you are visiting the school during the day for a meeting, please feel free to park wherever there is space and report to reception.
  • You will be aware that the school junction joining Spilsby Road is very busy, please be aware and consider this point carefully, especially if you need to turn right into town.

Related Safety Notices

Pupils who travel to school by bicycle will either have to ride down the drive, around the roundabout to access the bicycle sheds, or alight from their bicycle and walk across the pedestrian crossing, and then walk with their bicycle to the bike sheds. Pupils must only walk on the designated pedestrian walkways and must not use these as a cycle path. They may however walk and push their bike down these walkways. We would encourage all pupils who travel to school by cycle to wear a protective helmet, but obviously this is something we cannot enforce.

Other Vehicles

  • Students who organise driving lessons must ensure that their instructors understand the above instructions. Driving Instructors will not be allowed to park at the front of the school (unless they are picking up after 4.00pm).
  • Local Taxi companies are aware of our site access arrangements
  • Sixth Form students must not park their vehicles in the school grounds.