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Introduction: School Aims and Values

Our values permeate through all we do; and this is evident in our curriculum policy and delivery

We seek to ensure that all learners have the opportunity to excel, succeed and achieve beyond potential and fulfil their ambitions.

Our whole curriculum culture is built upon the principles of aspiration, excellence and fairness.

Our learners are individuals and we respect their needs. Furthermore, we expect all to respect the needs of others in our learning community.

We are ambitious for our learners; we expect all to work hard, to accept the challenge, to delight in the accumulation of knowledge and to find enrichment, reward and enjoyment in their learning.

We are determined to build upon the principles of reflective practice, evaluation and quality assurance in order to strive to be an improving Teaching & Learning community.

We aspire for our learners to be adaptable, resilient and confident people who embrace and grasp opportunities presented by change; to make a positive impact at Boston High School and beyond.

We do all that we can to ensure curriculum choices are made to best serve our students and prepare them for the next steps on their educational / lifelong learning journey


Aims And Principles Of The Curriculum

At Boston High School we believe the curriculum should create an environment where questioning, academic risk-taking, divergent thinking and the freedom to learn from mistakes are all encouraged. We offer a curriculum designed to nurture high aspirations and prepare pupils for the opportunities and challenges for young people in the 21st Century. Our curriculum should imbue in our pupils these qualities: responsibility, independence and a sense that learning can excite and invigorate throughout life.

Within the framework of a broad and balanced education for each pupil, we intend for our curriculum to allow a high level of personalisation unrestricted by option block choices so that each pupil can play to their strengths and develop specialisms and existing and new interests. The Curriculum Policy should be seen within the overall Aims and Ethos of the School, which are at the core of its objectives


Boston High School Curriculum Delivery Policy