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Boston High School is a school which is proud of the fact that it provides an environment which nurtures and values young people, enabling them to grow into confident, successful adults. We aim to equip our students with the experiences, skills and self esteem to decide on what their future can be – and to gain the qualifications which will set them onto that path. Our students blossom here – they are articulate, interesting individuals and we provide an environment which encourages and stimulates individuality and intellectual curiosity. Qualifications are central to our students’ ongoing success and the results gained by our students are fantastic – at A level and GCSE our results are consistently impressive, allowing students to open doors to opportunities and to aspire to whatever they decide to dream of.

We encourage hard work, participation, self challenge and academic aspiration. Our students rise to the challenge and are pro active forward thinking and community spirited. Opportunities for leadership and individual development are offered throughout the school as we seek to support as well as develop students. Our sixth form leadership team, prefects and students set a high standard as role models for the rest of the school and we are proud of the spirit of collaboration and care which is apparent from the moment one steps into the school.

One of the cornerstones of our school is the feeling of community and support. We welcome visitors and encourage prospective parents and students to contact us, to meet our students – who are our best ambassadors - and to experience the school for themselves.


Mr A J Fulbrook


Race for Life 2014
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Cadbury's World Visit
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The Lincolnshire Show 2014

18th July 2014

A team of five young journalists and four sixth formers from Boston high School were fortunate enough to attend The Lincolnshire show. The sixth formers were also involved in the ‘Lincoln Red Cattle’ society, giving various different opportunities for each one as they are currently writing the first ever Journal for the Society.

As for the young journalists, they were granted with various opportunities too. They were able to interview, broadcast and present at The Lincolnshire show. 

Firstly, we interviewed a parachutist who had free-fallen from a height of 12,000 feet off a plane. There was a large audience of over 500 watching, and eight other parachutists free falling as well, originally from the Royal Air Force. They made a spectacular sight falling into the Main Ring with skill and precision.

We were also very lucky to get a practice broadcast with the Lincs FM radio, for example, reading news scripts, talking about the weather and various other topics. It was a very overwhelming and exciting experience talking through the microphone, we felt highly professional and the journalism training was worth it all!

Freebies and goodies were also offered to us, increasing our level of excitement! Later on, we played a small game of wheelchair basketball with highly competitive contenders from a primary school. Shockingly, we lost 5-4 to them, and felt sheer embarrassment but it was all worth it. Also, the weather was quite satisfying and warm, making the atmosphere seem lively and fresh. It was great fun meeting with students from different schools and taking part in various activities whilst learning new skills such as squash, tennis, rugby, football, basketball, art, cooking etc

Lastly, we saw the live parade of different types of cattle marching in on a field and being presented with numerous awards. Cows such as ‘the Lincoln Red’ , ‘British White’, ‘Holsteins’  and many more took part in this show along with their owners, some who have travelled many miles to get there. The Year 12s who were working closely with the Lincoln Red Cattle Society managed to get many interviews and photographs for the Journal which will be published before Christmas.

It was an incredible and thrilling experience working with different people and learning new skills such as broadcasting, presenting, filming and learning to speak confidently. We was an opportunity not to be missed - simply fascinating.
Zakia Nissar and Anya Stacey
Year 9 Young Journalists



Religious Studies Visit to Lincoln
Soundtrack © C2C


Geography Visit to Italy

6th June 2014

On the 18th May, 31 students from years nine and ten embarked on a new journey, an adventure, to Rome and Sorrento in Italy.

For the first 2 days, we stayed in a city central hotel situated in Rome, a short metro journey away to reach the famous landmarks which were viewed with awe. The Coloseum and the Trevi fountains were the evening’s entertainment for Sunday with a little break for tea at the hotel. After a good night’s sleep, we arrived bright and early at the Vatican museum ready for a great guided tour of paintings, sculptures and history. The afternoon saw the Spanish steps, the Trevi fountains in daylight, the Pantheon and Italy’s equivalent of Covent Garden.  However there’s one thing we can’t forget: ice cream!

Nesta, a year 9 student told me, “It felt like we had been in Rome for a week, because we had done so much in such little time as well as having so much fun!”

The third day included a 3 hour bus transfer to the picturesque town of Sorrento on the coast of Italy. The bus transfer was a morning catching up on lost sleep, and admiring the beauty of the country. After a quick stop at the hotel, dropping off bags and checking out the rooms, we all loaded into to minibuses ready for a trip to Positano, a little seaside town, half an hour away from Sorrento on tiny cliff roads. The hot pebbles burnt our feet as we ran to paddle in the sea. The rest of the afternoon saw shopping, ice cream and lots and lots of lemons; some as big as rugby balls!

The island of Capri came next with an exciting chairlift and breath taking views as well as claustrophobic bus rides and selfies with Italians. I asked Zoe what she thought about our day on the island of Capri, “I loved it; my favourite part was the chairlift although I was a little nervous at first.”

On Thursday, we visited Pompeii to see all the ruins and hear about the tragic tale. For dinner the famous Italian pizza was on the menu, which was gorgeous! We then took the trek up to the shop and centre from the car park at the famous Volcano, Mount Vesuvius. We then collected our guide Stefano, who then took us up to the very summit of the volcano enabling us to take very pretty pictures and selfies. Our day ended with a last night walk up to the ice cream shop.

On our last day, Friday, we packed up and loaded onto the bus ready for the cheese farm. We watched the chef make fresh mozzarella and then we all tried some as part of our dinner as well as buying olive oil and an assortment of jams all made at the site. We then travelled to Solfatara, an active volcanic site. We spent about an hour examining the steaming rocks and taking in our last sights of Italy. Sadly it was time to come home, however everyone had a great time and loved every minute of the trip. Thank you to Mr Acheson, Mrs Collingwood, Mr Simmons and Mrs Robinson for taking us!

Kyra Balderston – Y9 Young Journalist




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Year 8 Geography Fieldtrip to East London

6th June 2014

Year 8 Geography Fieldtrip to East London -  May 15th 2014
All the top ten visitor attractions in the UK are in London, including the British Museum, National Gallery and Natural History Museum. Greenwich, which is outside central London, comes eleventh in the list. Apart from Greenwich, there are no other major tourist attractions east of London. But, that might be about to change! In 2012, 7.4 million people visited an Olympic venue, of which 2.5 million went to the Olympic Park in East London. Of course, that was during just six weeks of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. However, the Olympic Park has just opened again to the public. What we wanted to find out was about the tourist potential of East London.

With all this in mind, on 15th May, we took a lightning tour of some of the main tourist sites in East London: the Emirates Cable Car, The O2 arena, the park at Greenwich with the Maritime Museum and the Greenwich observatory, and Canary Wharf. We travelled on all manner of public transport including the Dockland Light Railway and finished the day with a look at the facilities in the Olympic Park. For those of us (all of us!) who live in rural Lincolnshire it was quite a change to experience life in the big city.  We finished with a visit to the largest indoor shopping centre in Europe, the Westfield shopping centre at Stratford.


Soundtrack © CBS Records


Y8 Trip to Dieppe

25th April 2014

Recently, 35 of our Y8 pupils visited Dieppe with the Modern Foreign Languages department. Rhea Panjwani, one of our Young Journalists has written and article about the visit which can be read below.

Y8 Trip to Dieppe


Health & Social Care Twitter Feed

25th April 2014

Health and Social care is a constantly changing sector.  Students need to keep up to date with the every changing structure of services and relevant news topics.  To help support this, the Health and Social Care department have introduced a dedicated twitter feed.  Students (and interested parents) can receive updates on areas such as topical health and social care issues in the news, recommending programmes to watch and links to relevant news articles.  There will also be reminders about topics currently being studied and homework due.  It is also hoped that students will share interesting and relevant health and social care features as well.  Follow us @bhshsc

End of Term Already?

4th March 2014

End of term already, this one went quicker then most! Six weeks gone like that but not a moment wasted, this term over-flowed with trips, sporting tournaments and musical events.

First day back (24th February) and most people were half asleep, Mr. Fulbrook took it upon himself to wake us all and prepare us for the fun-filled weeks ahead with an encouraging assembly. There are so many athletic students in this school and this term they were pushed to their limits, many matches took place for all the athletes in school and they got to play against other schools. The tournaments varied from rugby to less-common sports played like cricket - everybody got a chance to ‘show-off’ in their chosen area.

The performing arts held a big part in entertaining parents. Stage and Screen, one of this school’s annual events, was the best one so far with such a great turn out including the head teacher’s family. The musical prodigies took part in solos, duets, dances and choir, with a Disney theme everybody was reminded of their childhood the room was indeed full of kids.

Let’s not forget all the school trips to different countries: Wales, Spain, Berlin and Dieppe. A group of students went to Spain, during their time in Spain they made Spanish food, went site-seeing and took part in the cultural side of Spain. A once in a life time opportunity offered to BHS students - surely we all know that especially the students who went to Spain and took in the atmosphere. On to more academic related trips that took place this term like the trip to Wales for the Biology coursework, Year 13s and 12s went on separate weeks. Despite the long journey everybody had a great time and learned to play Irish snap (caution very hard). Currently Year 8s are in Dieppe having a wonderful time, more on that once they get back, if they would be willing to leave such a beautiful place.

Every year this school offers a group of students to go into teams of two and create an original product to sell and gather experience for what the business world is like. This year’s team emerge and team ignite didn’t get as far as they would have hoped but the experience was one that could never be forgotten. Team emerge sold products that were called ‘washi crafts’ everyday products hand decorated with washi tape into beautiful stationary perfect for all the stationary lovers. Team ignite sold beautiful shabby wooden-plaques.

Such an eventful term – we can’t wait for the next, but for now enjoy your Easter holiday. Good luck to all the 6th formers revising for their exams and remember Leading Learning Together. Happy Easter.

By Swatee, Y8

Young Journalist Academy

Stage & Screen Raises the Roof!

27th March 2014

Last Friday evening, the school was once again treated to the fantastic singing and performing talents of its pupils. Many thanks must go to the Music Department who arranged the last musical extravaganza of the year. This fun filled evening had everything that you would find in a Broadway musical; it varied from instrumental to song to a passionate tango dance.

The Orchestra marked the beginning of the show with a theme song from the successful blockbuster movie ‘Harry Potter’. Two A-level students performed a duet together about hardship of life and the struggle of becoming ‘someone’.  Then there were two exhilarating performances by Jenny Brown who sang ‘Once upon a Dream’ and Grace Hasnip, who sang a song from Mamma Mia- ‘Winner takes it all’.

Then came on stage ‘the revolting children’ from the Junior Choir who sang songs from ‘Matilda’, including ‘When I grow up and naughty’.  The Year 7 and 8s blew the audience away with a blast from the past with their Disney medley. They sang songs from the world-known Disney movies, including Lion king, Toy Story and Beauty and the Beast.

The highlight of the night was the performance by the A-level Drama students who pursued the art of tango from the Broadway musical ‘Chicago’. After that ravishing performance, the audience were left speechless by solo performer Imogen Roberts took the stage with a classic song from Narnia. Followed by Imogen was Charlie, who sang a song from the Phantom and the Opera, followed by Maria, who sang ‘Daddy’s Song’.

To wrap up this marvellous evening the Senior Choir performed three songs from the cult James Bond movies, including ‘Diamonds are Forever’ and ‘Goldfinger’.  Powerful ballads, breath-taking performances all added up to a magical evening which will never be forgotten. Sincere thanks to everyone who participated and especially to the organizers, Mrs Leake and Miss Clayton and technicians, as without them none of this would have been possible. 

By Virginia and Swatee Y8
BHS Newsroom

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