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Dear Student, 

Wherever you’re going, Boston High School helps you get there. ‘Getting there’ has rarely been a more competitive process – but joining our Sixth Form gives you the opportunity to excel inside and outside of the classroom.

Universities and employers demand high grades – and that ‘something extra’: skills in leadership, communication, and the ability to work with others effectively. Our Sixth Form gives you the ability to demonstrate and develop your academic and other interests and abilities. We know this will give you greater freedom over where you go when you finish your A levels. Last year almost every student achieved their ambition. That wasn’t down to luck, but to ability, ambition, determination – and support from caring and expert staff who could not be more devoted to helping you maximise your potential.

There is a special ‘feel’ to being at Boston High School that you will not find anywhere else. The quality of relationships is exceptional and the school is a welcoming, informal but calm and ordered learning environment – though one in which there is a lively ‘learning buzz’ in lessons. Students are trusted to take responsibility – for themselves and for others. Exciting things happen because students make them happen.

If you are already learning with us, you will know this, but it is easy to take things for granted. Decisions on where to study are very personal and have a great deal to do with how we feel about a place and the people in it. It is natural to seek a change and for some that is the right choice. Many who start A level courses elsewhere ask to come back to us within weeks of leaving. They tell us that it’s important to them to be amongst friends, to have teachers who have known them for years, who understand their learning needs, and who care about their ultimate success. Wherever we can, we welcome them back. Very few students who join us from other schools leave before the end of their Sixth Form careers because they quickly build positive relationships – and every year, large numbers of students make that transition. Very often that is because they have friends who have experienced life in our Sixth Form and who have recommended it.

Boston High School’s Sixth Form really is ‘different.’ Ask some students in Year 13 what it is that they have valued. Ask them where it is that they are going. Ask yourself what you value and where you might be headed – and trust us to help you to make that happen.


Mr A Fulbrook