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Boston High School is proud of the fact that it provides an environment which nurtures and values young people, enabling them to grow into confident, successful adults. We aim to equip our pupils with the experiences, skills and self-esteem to decide on what their future can be – and to gain the qualifications which will set them onto that path. To enable us to be success at this we have high expectations for the behaviour of our pupils.

At Boston High School we believe that our CODE should be fair, consistent and easy to understand for all in the school community. We award positive points for good behaviour and we issue negative points for pupils who break our school CODE. Positive points (list below) are awarded all day, every day by members of staff. We then speak to the student council to see which prizes you’d like to aim for. The spending tariff for positive points will be set each school year and will be based on the amount of positive points earned. Prizes consist of stationery, technology and shopping vouchers. The pupil who receives the highest positive points total will receive £70. Unfortunately, if you do acquire negative points these will be deducted from your positive points to make a total points score – this will be the amount of points available to you for ‘spending’ during Term 6 on prizes. For example, a pupil who has earned 450 positive points and 15 negative points in a school year will have 435 points to spend on prizes in term 6.


 Positive actions   Positive points allocated
 Contribution to School - lead  15
 School band (per term)  10
 Sports event (per term)  10
 Taster days   10
 Charity contributions  10
 Volunteering  10
 Attendance - 100% each term  10
 Attendance - 100% fortnightly  10
 Outstanding work  5
 Excellent effort  5
 Duke of Edinburgh  3
 Guided tours  3
 Academic achievement  3
 Uniform spot checks  3
 Being helpful  2
 Word of the week  2
 Numeracy challenge  2
 Extra curricular activity  2
 Attitude above expectation  2
 Form time competition  1


We also reward our pupils in different ways throughout the year. These are:

  • Assembly celebrations for school and external achievements
  • Attendance to school
  • ‘You are fab’ subject postcards sent home
  • Featured stories in our bulletin and local press
  • Competition prizes/vouchers

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