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Our sixth form and year 11 students have access to our free site-wide guest Wi-Fi network, allowing them to bring their own devices in to school and connect them to the Internet.

Before using the service, you must read the 'Guest Wi-Fi Acceptable Use Policy'. By using the guest Wi-Fi network, you are agreeing to adhere to the terms of this policy.

NOTE: We provide an HTTP (port 80) and HTTPS (port 443) Internet connection only. If you use any software or apps that use other ports (such as e-mail clients / apps) you may find these do not work. All Internet activity is filtered and monitored to a standard appropriate in an education context.

Once you have read the Acceptable Use Policy, you may connect your device.

Download   Guest Wi-Fi Acceptable Use Policy


How do I connect my device?

To connect your device, simply connect to the "School_Students" Wi-Fi network, which is broadcast site-wide. This is an open network with no password. Once you are connected, your device should pop-up a Wi-Fi sign in page (if not, just open your web browser and browse to On this page, type in your normal school username and password and you will then be authenticated. You will be required to sign in once per day.

The system will only allow access if you are in year 11 or our sixth form.

DO NOT share your username and password with anyone. If you are caught doing so, you will be banned from the Wi-Fi service for the rest of your time at Boston High School.


How do I synchronise my School e-mails with my device?

Please follow the instructions in the guide below if you would like to synchronise your device with your school e-mail account.

Download   E-mail Setup Instructions


Can I print to the school printers?

Yes! Follow the instructions in this article Printing From Your Own Devices