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Examination Timetables

Download   Public Examination Timetable - Summer 2020


Information for Candidates

  • No Electronic communications or storage devices such as Mobile Phones, iPods or MP3/4 Players, Reading Pens, Watches and any other products with text or digital facilities are allowed into the Examinations Rooms.

  • No Calculator Cases

  • Pencil Cases must be see-through (NB: use black ball point pens)

  • Water Bottles must be see-through with any labels removed (containing water only)

  • Bags must not be brought into the Examinations Rooms

  • Bring your Exam ID Card to all Examinations for identification purposes

The seating plans will be displayed on the Examinations Notice board (which is located between Religious Studies 2 and the 6th Form Study Room) in the afternoon on the day before the exam. All examinations start at 9.00 am in the morning sessions, and 1.15 pm in the afternoon sessions. (Please note that when afternoon sessions continue after the normal School finishing time you will need to make alternative arrangements to get home).

Registration will take place inside the examination rooms and you will be able to gain entry to from 8.50 am for morning exams and 1.05 pm for afternoon exams (please check the seating plans before entering the room and go straight to your desk). Once candidates have entered their examination room they will be under strict examination conditions. You MUST be seated by 8.55 am for morning exams and 1.10 pm for afternoon exams when registration will take place and you will need to place your Exam ID Card faced upwards in the left hand corner of the desk so that this can be done quickly.

If you are delayed for an unforeseen reason before any examination and you think you may be late, you must telephone the School on (01205) 310505 to inform the Examinations Officer of the reason why you may be late, anticipated arrival time and a contact number if one is available. If you are late when you arrive in School, go straight to the examination room.

If you are absent from an examination due to illness, you must telephone the School on (01205) 310505 as soon as possible on the morning of the examination or earlier if it is anticipated that you will be absent from a future examination due to illness. A medical certificate/letter must be provided within three days of the examination to the Examinations Officer. If you are absent for any other reason than illness you must see the Examinations Officer on your return.


Results and Appeals

Provisional examination results will be available on the following publication dates:

November 2019 GCSE examinations – Thursday, 16 January 2020;
January 2020 BTEC examinations – Wednesday, 18 March 2020;
Summer 2020 GCE examinations – Thursday, 13 August 2020;
Summer 2020 GCSE examinations – Thursday, 20 August 2020.

Further information on post-results services, including appeals, will be provided with results on results days. Appeals against internal assessment are excluded from this.

For appeals against internal assessment, see the procedure which is displayed on the notice board outside of the Examinations Office, a copy of which is available upon request. Note that appeals against internal assessment may only be made about the process that led to the assessment and not against the mark or grade submitted by the School for moderation by the Awarding Body.

Examination Regulations

Download   Boston High School - Notice to Candidates 2019 - 2020

Download   JCQ - Warning to Candidates 2019 - 2020

Download   JCQ - Suspected Malpractice in Examinations and Assessments 2019 - 2020

Download   JCQ - Privacy Notice 2019 - 2020

Download   JCQ - Written Examinations 2019 - 2020

Download   JCQ - Coursework 2019 - 2020

Download   JCQ - On-Screen Tests 2019 - 2020

Download   JCQ - Social Media 2019 - 2020

Download   JCQ - Non-Examination Assessments 2019 - 2020