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To access Foldr through the website, use the link below

Foldr Login



  • Follow the instructions sent to you through e-mail by your teacher
  • If your teachers direct you to the continuity plan folders, log in to Foldr below and look on the Shared Drive (S:) and then 'continuity plan'
  • When opening a teaching resource that you do not need to edit then use the 'Download' option when opening the file in Foldr (then click 'open' when your browser asks you to open or save)
  • If you are working on an existing file that is your personal file and you want to make changes, then use the 'Edit with Microsoft Office' option when opening the file in Foldr. Any changes are then saved back to our system
  • If you want to start a new file, then you can use the + button in Foldr to create a blank new document OR upload an existing file from your home computer
  • Your teacher will tell you how to submit the work back to them. If they ask you to save it back to the continuity plan folders, then you will find an area you can save to within the year and subject folders for example s:\Continuity Plan\Year 7\Art\7W. You cannot save anywhere else on the shared drive
  • You can find an IT support guide, and a password reset facility on the 'portal' menu of our website

Download   Foldr User Guide


Live Editing of Documents

We use a system called Foldr - which allows you to access your school areas and drives as cloud storage from any of your devices. This includes live editing (i.e. you can save directly back to our servers without having to upload back). It works on all operating systems, either via a web browser of by using the apps which are available for Android, iOS, Mac OS and Windows 10 Store.

There are two ways to use Foldr....

Through the website - folder works great via the website on all devices, allowing you to see and edit all of your documents. If you click on a document that can be edited (e.g. a Word or Excel document) you will be asked if you want to download or edit with Microsoft Office. If you click edit with Microsoft Office, the file will open automatically through the relevant app on your computer, and you will be able to make and save live changes directly back to the school system.

Through an app - apps are available for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows. The app can be downloaded from the relevant app store (just search for Foldr) and connected to your account. You can then access your documents through the app. For live editing and saving, you must open your documents via the relevant document app, i.e. open Word or Excel on your device first, then use the open button to browse your device storage (on Android, you click 'browse' on the open file screen, then click the menu icon at the top left and choose 'Foldr' - on iOS, you click '... more' on the places open screen, then 'browse' and then Foldr - also flick the on switch so that it stays on your shortcuts)

When setting up the app, it asks for a Foldr address, you must enter (IMPORTANT: there is no 'e' in foldr!)