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The school careers & work experience co-ordinator is Miss T Gallagher, who is based in the Learning Resource Centre (Library). Miss A-M Biscoe is the school’s senior leadership member, with responsibility for careers in school. Enquiries regarding careers should be directed through our main school email. Appointments can be made in school by all students to speak with Miss Gallagher, in addition parents are welcome to contact during the school day to discuss any concerns.

Careers review date: September 2020



Miss A-M Biscoe (Careers Leader)

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01205 310505 


Boston High School is committed to helping students fulfil their potential and experience success through an educational environment which responds to individual need and stimulates and challenges each and every student.

The careers education and guidance provision (CEG) is an essential part of the school curriculum in preparing students for the opportunities, challenges and responsibilities of adult and working life.

Aims and Objectives

The main objective of the CEG programme is to enable students to fulfil individual potential, to raise aspirations, to challenge gender stereotypes, and to provide equal opportunities for all students.


The careers education and guidance entitlement at Boston High School consists of five elements, which together provide a coherent and progressive programme for all students at each stage of their career.
These are as follows:

• careers education programme
• work-related learning
• careers information
• careers guidance
• careers action planning

Entitlement Statements for each year group can be downloaded using the links below:

Download   Y7 Careers Entitlement

Download   Y8 Careers Entitlement

Download   Y9 Careers Entitlement

Download   Y10 Careers Entitlement

Download   Y11 Careers Entitlement

Download   Y12 & Y13 Careers Entitlement

Careers Programme

Provided below are summaries of the career education programme in school, these lessons are delivered by a mixture of teaching and careers staff, along with input from appropriate external experts.

Download   Careers Summary Calendar 2019-20

Additional careers related activities and support

As well as the careers programme, Boston High School is committed to providing students with external experiences to enrich their career planning, including access to employers, universities and careers support, below is a table of such activities.

Year Group Activity External Support
9 Skills Show trip to NEC LincHigher
10 Oxbridge Talk Oxford University
10 Lincoln University trip – Fast Forward Lincoln University
11 CV Workshop Boston College
11 Premed Projects Premed
11 Cambridge Trip Cambridge University/Alumni
12 Cambridge Trip Cambridge University/Alumni
12 Nottingham University trip Nottingham University
12 Introduction To HE/benefits talk Linchigher
13 Personal Statements De Montfort University
13 Student Finance Talk Student Finance England

Careers Personal Guidance at Boston High School

As part of the school’s careers guidance programme, we offer individual meetings with a professionally qualified careers adviser, Lili Mitchell, who provides impartial and confidential career discussions for all students.

What will be discussed?
The types of issues that might be covered include helping students to:

  • Identify and analyse the skills already developed or would like to develop
  • Explore specific career areas
  • Access relevant labour market information
  • Identify what would be important to the student in a job – money, power, work-life balance?
  • Understand the process of job search and recruitment
  • Identify ideas for study/work and different pathways open to students
  • Set goals

What can students do to prepare for your interview?
Think about…

  • Current situation – what planning have they already done, if any?
  • What would they like to change?
  • Do they have some ideas, but don’t know how to move forward with them?
  • Are they worried that they have no ideas?

Benefits to students…
A guidance meeting will give students “time out” to explore options, look at themselves objectively and think about the implications of any decision they are contemplating.

How do students arrange a careers meeting?
To make an appointment, please contact Miss Gallagher in the Library
We ask that students make every effort to attend their appointment time and if they cannot to let Miss Gallagher know so the appointment can be offered to another student.

Provider Access Policy

Boston High School Careers Provider Access Policy


  • To continue to improve and adapt to suit students’ needs the careers education programme, content and delivery is evaluated by a sample of students in Term 6, via an electronic survey. Results are used to inform the planning of the programme for the next academic year.
  • The quality of the impartial guidance provision is evaluated by the students who have accessed the service. Feedback is provided to the service provider for future services.
  • The school complies with the logging of destinations data for Lincolnshire County Council returns annually, this data is then analysed against national averages and forms the basis for measuring the impact of careers education.

Careers Information and Resources

Careers Newsletters

Download   November 2019 Careers Newsletter

Download   October 2019 Careers Newsletter

Download   June 2019 Careers Newsletter

Download   May 2019 Careers Newsletter

Download   April 2019 Careers Newsletter

Download   January 2019 Careers Newsletter

Useful Downloads

Download   Sixth Form Personal Statement Guide 2019

Download   Sixth Form careers notice - download copy

Download   University of Kent - Getting the most out of open days

Download   University of Bristol - How to get the most out of an open day

Parental Guides

Download   Higher Education

Download   Your Daughters Future

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